All your research and ideas in one place, valued and prioritised

The R&D project management tool for UX research and CRO teams

ResearchSweet is currently in closed beta while we get ready for launch.
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ResearchSweet makes it easy to run statistically valid user research and A/B testing projects. We automate the boring bits so you can focus on what you do best.

Prioritise your ideas by the chance of success, settle arguments and forecast your return on investment before spending your hard won budget. Then, choose what to test based on evidence, not gut feeling or stakeholder pressure.

Evidence, not opinions

Ideas are prioritised by an objective algorithm taking into account research evidence, statistical power and potential return on investment.

Collaborative by design

Capture ideas across teams and break down silos. Vote and discuss ideas to find consensus.

Test the right ideas

Take a risk-based approach and test only those ideas with the most uncertainty. Learn what to proceed with and what to send back for more evidence.

You shouldn't test that

If you're using popular testing tools like Google Optimize, Optimizely or VWO, you know its never been easier to test any change that may come to mind.

But if time is money, testing isn't free: how do you know you're spending yours on the right ideas to maximise your return on investment?

Are you using A/B testing as a way to sensibly de-risk good ideas, or a costly way of settling arguments between stakeholders?

The premise behind ResearchSweet is simple: make gathering, prioritising and reporting on test ideas as easy as possible. No more agonising over what bets to take. No more explaining statistical significance and sample sizes to unengaged stakeholders.

Freeing you up to focus on more important things.

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So how does it work?

Everything in one place

Good ideas can come from anywhere. Easily add collaborators to submit ideas into one central repository.

Set up your project objectives and define your conversion goals and easily see where you should focus your effort.

Link your user research to your ideas to create a single source of R&D and innovation knowledge.

Prioritise the right ideas

Most tools available right now offer only simplistic prioritisation methods like Pie, ICE, or "High to Low". This is really just guesswork

ResearchSweet uses a bespoke algorithm to prioritise your test ideas based on:

  • The evidence backing your idea

  • The value of your conversion goal

  • The probability you'll achieve statistically significant results.

Learn what works

Automatically forecast your return on investment to help you manage your stakeholders and understand the value of your ideas.

Then use your test results to get custom reports showing you what ideas are more likely to work, within teams and sharing best practice across your organisation.

ResearchSweet is currently in closed beta while we get ready for launch.
Sign up for product updates or get early access as a beta tester.